Saturday, October 26, 2013

so easy a husband can do it

Hello friends!

It's been a long, long while since I've blogged! Last you heard from me I'd been put on bed rest. Once my pregnancy took a turn from your normal, run of the mill pregnancy into a high-risk one, a part of me shut down a little bit. I sort of flip-flopped between days of anxiety and the blues. It was hard not knowing what would happen to baby, or be able to engage with my family or job in the way I am accustomed. I missed working, I missed playing with my kids, I even missed cleaning my house! I tried to focus on the positive and tackle some "lap projects" like organizing photo albums and writing some letters, but truth be told, I was in a bit of a slump. That's when I tend to retreat, and that's why the blog has been quiet. I'd rather be a Silent Sally than a Debbie Downer.

I am now 37 weeks pregnant - my due date is a few short weeks away, and miraculously every complication we faced improved. On Monday, I was bumped down from high-risk pregnancy to a "go ahead and do whatever you want!" status from my doctor. Ironically by this stage, I am so pooped, I just went home to celebrate with a nap. ;) I wish I could have the last few months back, knowing what I know now - that every issue will clear up and it will all be ok - I could go back and enjoy being pregnant with that information. But I'll just go ahead and be grateful for these last few weeks of a now healthy pregnancy and cherish every kick and hiccup until the little man arrives and I get to cradle him in my arms instead of in my big belly.

Anyway, while I've been working on my latest project (Baby Owen)  - Hubby has had a major to-do list. We've both been nesting and that means getting every last nook and cranny cleaned and organized - and with another baby comes lots more stuff and we needed somewhere to put it all. Owen needed a dresser for all those little onesies and booties and teeny tiny socks. <3 <3 <3

Hubby scored a waterfall dresser from a thrift shop and brought it home to show me. This is probably one of my least favorite styles of furniture, so even when he beamed with pride at only paying $10 for it and talked of plans of us repainting it for Owen, I was smiling at him and thinking "Oh no, look how excited he is...crap..."

The good thing was - we needed lots of storage EVERYWHERE, including the garage! We "agreed" that he could keep it there - which happened to work perfectly because he needed somewhere to keep his tools. Isn't compromise a wonderful thing? lol.

When my hubby was done with his piece I had to eat my words. I totally reconsidered the nursery theme to make it car or travel themed, just so I could use my hubby's kick ass piece of art, but...turns out he liked it better in the garage too. (& I think there could have been a small dash of spite in his decision to keep it for himself.)

Hubby used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in "Typewriter." The paint did not chip (as milk paint is famous for doing) because of how porous the wood was to begin with - so the adhesion was awesome! Hubby did two lighter coats within an hour of the other, and finished with a coat of hemp oil. This was his first time working with milk paint - and he did it all by himself. Mixing, painting and the final hemp oil coat.

I love the MMSMP Hemp Oil - if you haven't used it yet, you must! I find that large, flat surfaces like on a waterfall dresser are easy enough to wax - but if you have anything intricate, you can brush on the hemp oil, wipe it down and BE DONE WITH IT. On all the projects hubby tackled while I watched from the sidelines, he used hemp oil and he's now a huge fan. Plus, if you oil the drawers, they come out looking so fresh and new and clean, it's amazing.

I love the way he painted the Route 66 asymmetrically and had it wrap around the side. I just heart him and his mad skills. (Might I add; he FREEHANDED the sign. Seriously. I think he was revenge painting just so I would zip it for his next project.)

Anywho - I hope you guys enjoyed this project done in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint's color of the month. October's color is Typewriter - have you used it yet? What was your experience like?

 And how about giving my hubby some props? Maybe at least for having to put up with me? ;)

*Cheesy self-promotion time*

Remember, you can order Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint online from me at:

OR you can visit the milk paint section of the fabulous Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs, FL.

We're going to be working on a milk paint class schedule for after I pop out this baby - so if you're waiting to take one in the Central Florida area - they are coming soon!
Ok friends, I hope everything is going well in your worlds!

Happy painting!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

"hi honey, it's me...can ya make a craigslist run for me on your way home from work?"

As you may or may not know, I've been on a modified bed rest for the last four weeks due to a complication with my pregnancy. Sigh.

In between all the board games and movie watching with my two boys, you'll find me scrolling away on the iPad...incessantly pinning items on Pinterest, favoriting items on Etsy and making endless shopping lists of items I want and need. Then I take those lists and go immediately to Craigslist and try to find it for less. I've been contacting sellers on Craigslist as if the site could get shut down tomorrow, and I'd be forever left in a world of retail prices, a sad little junkie who will never get a Craigslist fix again.

You see, when you combine the "my-baby-is-coming, everything-must-be-perfect" nesting situation that happens in pregnancy, with an already borderline obsession with swapping out items I have with "new" items from Craiglist, then multiply that by the helplessness one feels at the idea of not being able to leave the house to go shopping and prepare for said baby - I'm convinced that even the most sane of women could go a little crazy. That could lead them to scheduling a few Craiglist runs on their already-spread-too thin husband's to do list. Then, even the most patient of husbands can shift from enthusiastic deal-loving partners, to slightly annoyed, overworked nay-sayers.  We haven't reached that stage yet, but I think I may be entering that territory after the fridge textversation we had this morning.

We're renting our little house right now, and the fridge here is atrocious. I was definitely spoiled in our last home - we bought a new one right after we bought the house.  but the buyers wanted the appliances when we were selling, so my lovely stainless steel french door fridge stayed put.

Goodbye, shiny fridge with working ice maker and awesome beeping noise that let me know when the kids have ravaged you and left you open...

And hello, rusty crusty crap box that's not yet old enough to be cute in that retro way, but just old enough to where I hate it and snarl at it every time I walk in the kitchen, then have an inner monologue that turns explicit every time I have to fill plastic ice cube trays to make ice, or bend over to rummage through the veggies or reach to the back to get the milk and my belly squishes and my back hurts (#firstworldproblems) and I again curse the fridge and pray for a swift death of the hideous beast.

Ack. See, BAD rust. Not good rust.

Of course I've looked into multiple easy, inexpensive DIY options for improving the situation.

There's the perhaps already overdone, DIY "go-to" solution #1 - put some chalkboard paint on it. I'm kind of one of those DIY snobs where if I've seen it too many times, I officially feel like I'm following, and I just don't want to do it for any other reason that that. Even if the solution is perfect and easy. It's ridiculous, but I want to be the one who thought of it. No, I'm not 6 years old, and yes this ridiculous logic applies to all aspects of my life. Popular food or restaurant that everyone loves but I didn't try it (close to) first? Probably not trying it. Book everyone loves but I'm months late on and I can't be the one to tell you how great it is and that you must read it? Not reading it. TV show everyone talks about but I don't know about it and can't dish? Won't even try it now. It's stubborn and absurd and I am working on it, I swear. I'm not sure if chalk-painting my fridge means I'm cured of this problem, but... I suppose it could be a start.

I digress.

Here are some awesome chalk fridge options, and what I like most is they are already very close to the old, boxy style of fridge I have, so there are no false expectations of what the end result could be. I'm already polishing a turd here, so...we need to be as realistic as possible.

This one is SO cute - and I love the trim around the edges. Nice work, Cottage4C.

I'm totally loving the green color on this one.

And leave it to Apartment Therapy to take it up a notch and do a chevron fridge.

I have a love/hate relationship with chevron. I love it for others, but fear it in my own home, especially in large doses or more permanent ones that I'll have to live with for a while.
Plus, I think I'm just too lazy. (even if hubby is doing the work!)

Then I discovered magnetic fridge covers. Here are my two favs.

 The "flaking wood" magnetic fridge cover from Kudu Magnets for $119.

And the brick magnetic cover from Fridge Fronts. At $59, this is definitely the cheapest of the "easy"options.

But I'm just really not a fan of "faux" anything... So I'm not sold.

(btw; also from Kudu was Noah's favorite, the lego fridge.)

And another that was easy on the eyes but I did not least out loud...

Got Milk? Ahem. Anyway...

I think my favorite option is the one I found via Pinterest on the 1871 Farmhouse blog:

But how long will I search for a door like this? And when we move into carpentry and power tool territory - it means involving the hubs, and I like to ration my demands so as not to exhaust him or annoy him. I think this has been a critical component to the current success of our marriage. I could run him ragged ("Could?" I can hear him saying...) Honey, you're a good sport. I love you and your willingness to oblige me as I strive to improve our home.

I digress again.

So as you can see, I am open to all options - I want improvement anyway I can get it.

Last night in my online mission for fridge improvement solutions, I spied this diamond in the rough for sale online. $100, and it "works great!" - it's just ugly.

That is sooooooooo what I am all about.

Cheap! $100
Easy! (paint only!)
I can do it myself! (I think!)
And it has ridiculously cute potential!

I can just picture myself, off bed rest, lovingly restoring it, while my two big boys play quietly in the background, and new baby coos happily from his little bouncy seat while I work, and the birds are chirping and the sun is shining and the dirt is just wiping away! My mint paint applies perfectly and it is glossy and shiny and retro and adorable! All for $100!

Are you squealing with delight at the potential of it all as loudly as I am?

So with the fridge fantasy still fresh in my mind, I text the ad to my hubby and ask him to pick it up. No biggie, right? The fantasy continues..."Sure babe, no problem! I love it! Nice work finding it!" is how it all goes in my head. 

The response: "So let me get this straight. You'd like to replace our old fridge - with an old fridge."


I think again about my request from his perspective and everything that will likely take place.

"Hey, babe! Just call this guy, and go pick up this fridge, in your suit and tie after work, k? We don't want anyone else to get it, so we must act quickly. Oh, and make sure to bring a friend because he can't help you lift it. No, we don't need it. Yes, we still have hundreds of dollars worth of baby things to buy and yes, we do still have at least 5 projects that are currently unfinished since I am on bed rest, but...but...but...please just drive an hour to where it is for sale, then please Skype me from the appointment so that I may see the fridge "in person" too, and then we decide together for you to bring it home, and then we'll store it in our garage. Our tiny, already over-crowded one car garage with only a small little mouse trail that's dangerously lined with teetering junk leading to the door to the house, until I'm off bed rest and can redo it? Or, till you get so sick of it being in your way every. single. day. that you decide to do the work yourself? I'll be happy to find all the YouTube videos of vintage fridge restoration ahead of time, get all brushed up on the HOW-TO of it all, and guide you along while you work? While I sit and watch from a chair, with my sippy cup of electrolyte enhanced Smart Water and maybe some icy cold watermelon, while sweat drips off your brow and I'm busy pointing out the spots that "could use just a little more improvement?" I'll share my water...C'mon, honey...please???"

Hmmm. I wonder why he's not as pumped about it as I am...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

don't be mad, but...

Hello friends!

Last week I shared that ALL my junk was up for grabs due to the fact that I am on bed rest with my pregnancy. With 5 months of pregnancy left to go, and then post-partum life with baby boy #3 (not to mention boy #2 and boy #1) I expect things will be busy for some time after that, I decided to let it all go.

It was a painful decision, I won't even lie. Hubby went to the storage unit and took a million pictures, and I edited them and mourned my "lost" treasures and what could have been. I consoled myself with large amounts of chocolate and lashed out at my poor, innocent husband in hormonal fits of sadness. (I have since apologized.)

The post went live around 8 PM on Friday night, and I must tell you, I finally turned my phone off a little after midnight, cause some folks were getting a lil' crazy! Who knew so many fellow junk lovers lived so close to me and were ready to sink their teeth into the corpse of my business and feast on the remains! Kidding, kidding. I'd be doing the same thing if I were in your shoes.  (But seriously, texting at 12:30am? Who does that? I'll assume it was the crazies from the Craigslist ad I posted, and not my beloved blog readers.You guys are too cool for that.)

Then on Saturday morning, I got an email that might as well have come straight from Heaven. A local antiques dealer was expanding her store, and wanted the Full Monty!  Everything all at once, THEY would move it out of the unit, Hubby & I didn't have to worry about a thing. Can you believe it? The only way that deal was getting sweeter was if they threw in a unicorn!

So I began the daunting task of sending out about a million apologies to everyone that took the time to call, text, or email...everyone I excited then disappointed about my sale, and beg their forgiveness and understanding... I felt certain that I broke at least a couple hearts, and was taking it kind of heavily, when Hubby said "Honey, I think you are taking this too seriously. People don't want your junk THAT BADLY!  They like it just fine, it had a good price, and they probably just wanted to help you given the circumstances! You aren't breaking anyone's heart, I'm sure of it. It's just old junk."

Ahem. (Have we met?)

Maybe I just take my junk way too seriously, because I'm almost positive I'm petty enough to hold a grudge over the right treasure. Hell, I get mad at the lady who is leaving the yard sale I'm just walking up to if she's leaving with good stuff that I missed by THIS MUCH. Then I have to say a little junker's prayer for inner peace, and remind myself not to think bad thoughts about her...that she's probably a lovely person, good for her, etc...but secretly (or publicly on a blog) I boil! BUT... 100% of you seemed genuinely happy for me that things went so well. I was amazed at your grace. Very inspiring, ladies. (And if you are secretly boiling, thanks for not making me feel bad about the route I took.)

So thank you all again for your inquiries, but the sale has been canceled. I appreciate all of your interest and wish you all the luck in the world in your future junk finding expeditions! Spend the next 8-9 months gathering up all you can, because I won't be on bed rest forever...



Saturday, July 6, 2013

a big sale!!! or...bad for me, good for you (part two)

Here's your sneak peek at everything that's up for sale.

You can contact me ahead of time if there's something you've got to have, and I'll arrange with the Hubs to meet you ahead of the sale date and you can pick it up. (and any other treasures you decide you must have.) If not, take your chances and wait till July 20th. I'm advertising everywhere because it's all got to go, so don't miss out!

Who: Stellar Junk; / Stellar Junk on Facebook

What: A BIG FURNITURE SALE! Bigs and smalls galore.

Where: Cubesmart; 3651 Alafaya Trl, Oviedo, FL

When: July 20th starting at 9 AM

Why: Cause it's got to go! Care for more details? Read this post.

Here's a look inside the storage unit...

(I'm slightly horrified to show this, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's gotta go, so I must show.)

Some things are in great shape and are ready for you to re-sell on your time, or keep for your own home. Like these items..

Some of the other stuff was on my to-do list. The projects vary from needing hard-core rehabilitation to just a little TLC.  I'll note below what needs more work.

good shape, just dirty and ugly! I wanted to repaint them in teal and put them with a big farmhouse table.

headboards only, no slats or sideboards.

Sometimes I get a little attached.

Structurally sound, just scratched up and in need of refinishing.

I heart these. Boo hoo.


Oops. I mean "PLANT table" not telephone table. Oh well.

The dressers are fine, drawers worked last time I opened them...they're just dirty as heck at this point!

Here are some of the smaller items I've collected over time. I've even included some inspiration for some of the pieces if you are thinking "Why the hell would anyone try to sell that? Or why would someone buy that in the first place? (like I did...) Well, I'll blame Pinterest, and you can blame me. It's the circle of junk.


why sell a window? here's my window inspiration shots:


tiny tables for sale...

tiny end table inspiration...

Rusty ol' chicken feeder....and a little inspiration for it.


 Remember that chippy door back up top? She wants to grow up to be just like these...


and how about some free scrap wood? Just take it away and get crafting some cute signs like these.

Like I was going to do...someday...*sniff*  *sniff*

and then make these!

Or how about an old crib spring repurposed like below?

 Or a shabby ladder given another life like this?

 I realize some of it doesn't have pricing. If you are interested, I'm happy to entertain your offers. The only things I am remotely firm on are the things with prices on them. Other than that, you can deal with my Hubby on the 20th, who like I said earlier, will probably just give everything away because he hates this storage unit situation (payment) so much. Email me at share, share, share! Please share this blog post with anyone you think might enjoy coming to the sale.

Thanks friends, see you there. (Maybe! Remember, I'm on bed-rest. So...probably not. lol)